X-93 is a 93 octane, ethanol free performance fuel designed to give your boat, jet ski or classic muscle car the performance it was designed to deliver.  Since X-93 is ethanol free, there is no risk to fuel system components and it is not susceptible to phase separation, moisture, poor stability or the formation of carbon deposits.  Hard starts and vapor lock experienced with ethanol blended fuels are virtually eliminated.

Octane – R+M/2 93
Motor Octane 89
Research Octane 97
Specific Gravity 0.722
RVP 6.19
Oxygenated No
Color Red

X-97 Is an ethanol-free unleaded race, small engine, and storage fuel that won’t gum up carbs or cause issues like today’s average pump fuels. X-97 can be used as a storage fuel or in an exotic application that required ethanol-free fuel.  X-97 offers zero start up or storage issues after the longest winters. X-97 is a 100% clear fuel great for motorcycles, powersports, street rods, vintage cars, boats, and small engine applications.

Octane – R+M/2 97
Motor Octane 94
Research Octane 101
Specific Gravity 0.726
Oxygenated No
Color Clear

X-98 is a true 98 octane unleaded, slightly oxygenated fuel that gives you excellent results when an increase in performance is desired.  X-98 is a versatile performance fuel excellent for a variety of racing applications and ideal for exotics and track cars

Octane – R+M/2 98
Motor Octane 97
Research Octane 99
Specific Gravity 0.716
Oxygenated 2%
Color Clear

X-100 Is a high octane, oxygenated, unleaded CARB compliant fuel designed to unleash the power of your street legal performance machine.  X-100 will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors making it the perfect fuel for late model street legal performance vehicles ranging from turbocharged sports cars to normally aspirated muscle cars and high performance sports bikes.

Octane – R+M/2 100.5
Motor Octane 95
Research Octane 106
Specific Gravity 0.718
RVP 5.2
Oxygenated 3.90%
Color Blue

X-102 ia s high octane unleaded fuel designed for many uses from modern street applications, 4-cylinder import turbos to classic V8’s and powersport markets.  Whether it’s your hot rod, boat, motorcycle, jet ski, ATV or snowmobile, you will never find an unleaded that burns like this.  Formulated to help protect compression configurations up to 11:1 at 7,500 rpm

Octane – R+M/2 102
Motor Octane 99
Research Octane 105
Specific Gravity 0.720
RVP 5.6
Oxygenated No
Color Aqua

X-104 is for those racers who need a high octane, oxygenated, unleaded race fuel, X-104 is the answer.   X-104 is formulated to increase throttle response and overall power and runs cooler than premium pump gas due to its oxygenated formulation.   Whether you are normally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged, X-104 will give you the octane you need to make the power you want.

Octane – R+M/2 104
Motor Octane 99
Research Octane 109
Specific Gravity 0.752
RVP 5.95
Oxygenated 4.80%
Color Lt. Blue

X-109 is an oxygen rich, high octane unleaded fuel designed specifically for today’s high revving engines that need to run a true unleaded fuel.  It is free of compounds that are known to be harmful to catalytic converters tor oxygen sensors. X-109 is a high-density blend that enhances performance in forced induction (turbo or blown).

RM 109
Octane – R+M/2 109
Specific Gravity 0.760
Oxygenated 5.5%
Color Blue