Extreme Track Prep is blended for all pavement racing surfaces. The high concentrated mixture is formulated to give you more product for the money.

Extreme Track Prep has been tested by many racers in a wide range of temperatures. It will help you get your track surface prepped for the high horsepower demands of your racers. 

Let Extreme Track Prep save you money and provide the best racing grove out there for your racers.

Extreme Track Bite SFS is our most concentrated traction compound we offer. This compound is to be cut down with Methanol more so than any other product we have tested.

To get the most track prep for your money look no further! Make Extreme Track Bite SFS your first choice when you need Extreme track prep!

  • Blended to work in the most extreme weather conditions
  • Maximizes traction for the most extreme horsepower equipped vehicles
  • Very water resistant to help with those unfortunate pop up rain showers.